The Swimsuit Dryer has been designed as a maintenance-free, long-life and durable product.

Please view our troubleshooting guide below. Usually issues can be resolved on-site, however if the information provided does not resolve the issue, please get in touch.
View our Aftercare Page for information on regular cleaning and care.


Check the RCD / GFCI is set to the ON position.

If the Oval Light remains off, check power is going to the unit. Press “Test” on the RCD / GFCI. This should flip the switch to OFF position. If this does not happen there is no power to the unit.


Press the Motor Trip Reset button.

(Units manufactured before November 2016 only)
Located on the motor in round plastic casing. This engages when heavy items such as towels are loaded into The Swimsuit Dryer, to protect units from damage.
Units manufactured from November 2016 have an internal motor trip which resets automatically and does not need to be pressed.


Is water leaking from the unit?

This is caused by an item of clothing in the inner liner preventing water from escaping the unit.
Remove the Top Ring by removing the screws using special screwdriver supplied.
Remove any items of clothing from the inner liner, and re-attach the Top Ring

Always ensure the Transit Bracket is removed before use.

RCD / GFCI testing

Remove the Top Ring

Access basket to remove blockages & clean
For further advice and troubleshooting, please contact us.