The Swimsuit Dryer’s design has been focused towards ergonomics, safety and longevity and addresses shortfalls in other commercial costume dryers available. Durable, high-quality components coupled with technical innovations ensure The Swimsuit Dryer beats the competition. Read on to see why and judge for yourself

Long-Life Motor

Bespoke IP54 rated water resistant motor, available in 220-240V 50/60HZ and 110-120V 50/60HZ configurations.


Durable and built to last, designed solely for The Swimsuit Dryer with the highest quality components.

Integral Safety Brake

Completely maintenance-free, fast acting brake.


Additional safety due to the basket stopping quickly, every time.

User Serviceable

Easy access to the inner liner via special screws.


Cleaning and on-site maintenance are easy due to fast access which prolongs lifespan. Other costume dryers use rivets. Click here for more information.

Rust-Free Outer Case Editions

Durable non-conductive polyethylene casing in a range of editions.


Long lasting & rust-free with rounded corners for safety. Available in a range of interchangeable colour editions.

Easy-Press Lid

Electrically operated with no mechanical parts.


Adjustment-free, very easy to press down, slam-resistant, durable & reliable mechanism.

Innovative Brush Seal

Surrounding the Top-Ring


Innovatively folds down when in operation to push costumes into the basket, preventing damage.

Damage-Preventing Circuit Breaker

Self-Resetting Motor Thermal Breaker


Helps to prevent damage from misuse when heavy items are used or the basket is over-loaded by stopping operation. Resets automatically in seconds.

10 Second Timer

Operation stops after 10 seconds.


Innovatively folds down when in operation to push costumes into the basket, preventing damage.

Vibration Resistant

High quality Anti-Vibration Mounts, robust stainless steel frame.


Designed to absorb vibration internally, keeping noise to a minimum.

If you have any questions about The Swimsuit Dryer, please get in touch.


Height 590mm x Width 375mm x Depth 365mm
Approximately 22kg / 25kg boxed
Power Consumption:
Approximately 3W standby / 350W during operation
Running Time:
5-10 Seconds, removes up to 95% of water
Waste Pipe Dimensions:
Length 100mm / custom length available on request
Inner Diameter 28.0mm / Outer Diameter 33.5mm
Available in 230V 50Hz / 120V 60Hz configurations

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