2 Year Warranty O The Swimsuit Dryer Motor and brakeThe Swimsuit Dryer Company was established with the sole purpose of manufacturing the next generation in Swimsuit Dryer. Our number one and foremost priority is to supply high quality Swimsuit Dryers to the Leisure and health club markets.

The Swimsuit Dryer Company has spent several years in development in response to the increasing demand for commercial Spin dryers/ bathing suit dryers. The Swimsuit Dryer’s main feature is to provide a Leisure Centre or Health Club the ability to offer its clients a safe, low cost solution for drying their swimming costumes, thus increasing the users satisfaction.

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    Silver Swimsuit Dryer
Our dedicated staff have had many years previous experience in repairing, and servicing other Leisure equipment, swimsuit dryers and we have put their years of previous experience to good use in manufacturing the Swimsuit Dryer.

The Swimsuit Dryer Company is continuing to invest in the Swimsuit Dryer and to help our customer’s we have created simple instructional videos and easy to read downloadable Adobe Instructions.

Should you have any questions relating to any products we offer then please feel free to contact us sales@swimsuitdryer.com.

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