2 Year Warranty O The Swimsuit Dryer Motor and brake

The Swimsuit Dryer Company was established in response to a growing need in the leisure industry for a modern, safe and ergonomic solution to dry swimming costumes. We provide a cost-effective, high quality product to meet the high standards demanded within the leisure industry and satisfy the end user.

Our dedicated team have many years of invaluable experience supplying, repairing and servicing costume dryers. All of this experience has been put to the best possible use in developing the next generation of Swimsuit Dryer.

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    Silver Swimsuit Dryer
The Swimsuit Dryer directly addresses shortfalls in alternative commercial costume dryers. Features include quick access to the inner hub for cleaning and maintenance, rust-free durable outer cases, partially modular construction for quick low-cost repair, effortless low-pressure operation of the lid and more. Please click here for more features of The Swimsuit Dryer.

Should you have any questions relating to any products we offer then please feel free to contact us sales@swimsuitdryer.com.

Full Terms and Conditions can be viewed at our Downloads Page.

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